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Sod Installation FAQS

Cities we install sod in: Auburn, Dacula, Hamilton Mill, Grayson, Loganville, Monroe, Lawrenceville, Snellville, Suwanee and More!

Q. When is the best time to Install sod?

A. Sod types are different and may require different times, Bermuda sod (Most Common), however, can be installed at any time of the year.

Q. What type of sod should I install?

A. We can perform a property assessment to determine what type of sod will work best for you and fit your property needs and the needs of your home.

Q. Sodding vs Seeding?

A. We always recommend installing new sod, setting the grades and amending the soil when necessary for best results.

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emerald zoysia sod installation in atlanta georgia
zenith zoysia sod installation in atlanta georgia


  • ​Zenith Zoysia SOD: 
    Shade tolerant; a turfgrass that’s widely adaptable to full sun or light shade. Dark green blade. Medium-texture turfgrass. Makes a lawn with a dense growth habit. Tolerant of extreme heat and cold; it’s a well-adapted lawn from the southern coast to the upper transition zone. Drought tolerant turfgrass. It's a great replacement for Tall Fescue: Zenith Zoysia is more heat and drought tolerant than any Tall Fescue type.

  • ​Emerald Zoysia Sod: 
    A turfgrass for full sun or partial shade. Drought tolerant; this lawn does not like standing water. Emerald green-colored lawn. Finest leaf texture, Dense, lush, thick sod crowds out weeds and other grasses. Wear- and traffic-tolerant turfgrass. Slow growing lawn. Superior disease resistance. Low growth habit. Can be reel mowed​.
elite tall fescue sod installation atlanta georgia
mercedes saint augustine sod installation in atlanta georgia
tifblair centipede sod installation in atlanta georgia
tifway t 419 bermuda sod installation atlanta georgia
tifgrand bermuda sod installation atlanta georgia

Tall Fescue

  • ​Elite Tall Fescue SOD: 
    A turfgrass adapted to sun or shade. Most shade-tolerant of the turf grasses; all turf grasses need some sun to survive. Establishes as a lawn that’s tolerant of moderately moist soils. A cool season turfgrass. Dark green-colored blades. Attractive medium-textured turfgrass. Provides an excellently green-colored lawn year round. Ideal for high end residential and commercial lawns as well as large commercial properties.

St. Augustine

  • ​Mercedes St. Augustine SOD: 
    Best shade tolerance of warm-season turfgrasses. Mercedes St. Augustine makes one of the most drought-tolerant lawns. Mercedes sod roots quickly and spreads by surface runners. Medium green-colored turfgrass. Medium blade texture; finer than other St. Augustine lawns. Excellent lawn color retention through fall. Slow-growing turfgrass. Salt tolerant turfgrass. Excellent heat tolerance; Mercedes is a lawn that thrives in tropical to semi-tropical climates. More cold tolerant than other St. Augustine turfgrasses. Ideal for lawns with shade exceeding 4-6 hours per day.


  • ​TifBlair Centipede SOD: 
    A turfgrass for full sun to partial shade. TifBlair establishes as a drought- tolerant lawn. Heat- and cold-tolerant turfgrass. Slow-growing lawn; needs less mowing and is easier to mow. Medium green, medium-textured turfgrass. Stays greener longer in the fall and greens up earlier in the spring than common Centipede turfgrass. TifBlair is the most environmentally-friendly, warm-season lawn, ideal for not so fertile soils.


  • ​TifGrand Bermuda SOD: 
    A Bermuda turfgrass with improved shade tolerance. Vigorous-growing lawn. Fine-textured turfgrass (finer than Tifway). Naturally dark green-colored blades. Forms a lawn with reduced water and fertilizer (nitrogen) requirements than other Bermudas, especially when grown in full sun. Aggressive establishment from sod.

  • ​Tifway (T-419) Bermuda Sod: 
    This turfgrass performs best in full sun. Beautiful green-colored blades. Fine-textured turfgrass (not as fine as TifGrand™). Lawns retain good color under stress. High turf density and strength. Aggressive establishment from sod. Forms a lawn with a superior surface, under short cutting heights. Perfect for golf courses and sports fields.​


We can deliver sod to your home, prep the soil, lay the sod and perform a full installation at competitive prices and superior quality. TurfCreek guarantees sod quality by using trusted providers of quality sod in Atlanta.

Sod Installation Services

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