1: For Maintenance we guarantee your satisfaction and, should you not be satisfied, let us know and we will do everything in our power to ensure your landscapes look their best at all times.
2: All of our plant material has a limited warranty. Please let us know if material is showing symptoms of plant decline or wilt**

Our Guarantees!

3: All of the projects we perform are guaranteed for workmanship and construction to ensure your utmost satisfaction*

The TurfCreek Difference


TurfCreek has the knowledge and experience that can help you address problems and develop a plan of action to ensure all your landscapes grow vigorously to their full potential. If we can't address your problem, we will do the research and consult with other professional landscapers and local horticulturists to ensure the well being of your plants and landscapes. That's our promise.



TurfCreek uses Industry-leading systems that help maintain communication with the
customer to ensure superior satisfaction. We also use technology to make things easier for our customers to know when their next visit is coming up, for easier bill payment, and to eliminate human error when bidding on projects



When the grass is growing or when the leaves are falling, TurfCreek can ensure that all of your leisure time is spent with the people you love and doing those things you enjoy. Although we do have a busy schedule, we always make sure we accommodate our customers needs as much as we are able to. 



Our goal is to simplify your lifestyle and achieve a certain look on your lawn that will
express care for the environment and cleanliness of the outdoors. We do so by personally meeting with our customers and taken notes on specific needs and wants.



At Turfcreek, we live to serve. We will make certain that your lawn and landscapes
stay healthy and will go out of our way to make sure we solve possible problems
as well as prevent future ones.


Why TurfCreek?

Hiring TurfCreek as your lawn service provider will help you maintain peace of mind
knowing your landscapes are in the hands of someone you can trust.​
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